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真源太极 Zhen-Yuan Tai-Chi (The True Source of Tai-Chi)



Master Simon Hu

What is Zhen-Yuan Tai-Chi? Zhen Yuan Tai-Chi means the true source of Tai-Chi; also it is Master Simon Hu’s training system.

Master Hu reveals his superior focus on the philosophy of tai-chi theory for meditation and health.  He shows the Way through his teaching of balance for optimal health. He studies the “Tao Te Ching” as a sourcebook that examines the subtler undercurrents of flowing energy ranging from quantum mechanics to whirling galaxies. Master Simon Hu disciplined meditations connect martial arts practise with healing techniques like Chi-Kung and daily self-cultivation following the Tao.  The recognition of the human meridian system that forms the energy-body uncovers the singular essence of energy as unified.  The more you can feel it, the more you sense the spiritual in the physical moves so that path to enlightenment opens one’s capacity for the highest quality of life.  Health means wholeness as integration of body/mind/spirit.

Special message from Master Simon Hu:

天人合一 Harmony of the Spiritual and Physical

Poems by Master Simon Hu

( Translation by Miss. Emiko Hsuen )

Perceiving the plain and embracing simplicity, opens the door of Heaven.

Letting go of tension and stress, brings true harmony.[1]

Concentration on inner spirit is the way to the energy field.[2]

Be doubly grateful to the divine teacher for the insight to the Way.[3]

The Nei Jing’s (Yellow Emperor’s Book) genuine quest contains marvelous teachings.[4]

Connect the meridian system with the high-density energy net to bring the body under subjection.[5]

Taiji holographic theory is completely mapped by yin-yang.[6]

The real pioneers have thus achieved great success.[7]

Some Notes:

[1]There are five stages that lead toward the Tao: a) ever gentle and relaxed, b) ever more lightly, c) moving nimbly of spirit towards the quantum, d) ever-changing and refining deeply, e) harmonizing into the unity field of Truth.

[2]Gathering and shooting into the centre of the Taiji reveals the 5 levels of energy-character: a) essence – the physical level, b) “steam” – the molecular level, c) spirit – the quantum level, d) emptiness/hollowness – the different dimensions of space, e) Truth – the unity field, (eventually leading to the smallest particles that cannot be split further).

[3]Upon entering the Way, manifold gratitude arises for the enlightened teacher’s mission of kindness and mercy.

[4]The Su Wen Theory (“Questions of Organic and Fundamental Nature”) of the Nei Jing (Chinese Yellow Emperor’s Book) contains marvelous teachings.

[5]Circulation of the meridian system, cultivating each energy-net from low to high-density, leads to mastery of the untamed body.

[6]Taiji holographic theory is expressed through the image of yin-yang, which is found at different dimensions of each space.

[7]In ancient times, the true masters (whose jing, qi and shen were all combined) manifested the Great Completion.