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Zhen-Yuan Taichi

Zhen-Yuan-taichi-symbol-150x150Zhen-Yuan Tai-Chi (True Source of Tai-Chi)

Poems by Master Simon Hu

Translation by Miss Emiko Hsuen

Zhen-Yuan Tai-Chi is a Master Simon Hu’s training system that is based on the holographic theory of the universe; and the true Mechanism of Tai-Chi.


Lesson One – Three Adjustments 三 调


Walking with a light step for 10 miles makes for a healthy body.
Breathe 81 times. Make the breath long, easy and deep.
Have not one thought. This is the secret key to unlock[1] the heart.
True masters who succeed in these achievements bear the mark of Taiji.

Some notes:
[1]What in the heart does the secret key unlock? It unlocks the Emptiness.

Lesson Two – Zhen Yuan[1] Sinew Metamorphosis Classic 真源易筋经

By gently and gradually tensing, strength pierces through the toes and fingers;
By tensing and suddenly emptying, return to Tai Ji.
When qi becomes high-density[2], connect to Tai Yi[3];
Change the marrow of muscles and bones; five elements[4] come from the same source.
When density reaches the turning point[5], they will shift and transform: True Masters enter Wu Ji[6].

Some Notes:
[1]‘Zhen Yuan’ means ‘true source’. Within this system of truth, there are Zhen Yuan Yi Jin Jing, Zhen Yuan Qi Gong, and Zhen Yuan Tai Ji.
[2]By ‘chen’, what is referred to is high-density qi, not high-density quantum. In this case, two areas have density: the dantian and the hands-feet. When a certain amount of qi accumulates to a certain volume, can continue to flow freely within it, but remains within the confinements of its space, then this is ‘chen’: it is a kind of intense profundity that is mobile, refined and unscattered.
[3]‘Tai Yi’: Tai Yi is the second layer of Tai Ji (Tai Ji is higher than heaven).
[4]In the human body, the ‘five elements’ are associated with the five organs: metal – lung, fire – heart, water – kidney, wood – liver, earth – spleen.
[5]The True Mechanism can make the substance of each dimension become high density.
[6]‘Wu Ji’ means ‘that which is unbounded and everlasting’.

Lesson Three – The True Source of Tai Chi 真源太极

Easy, slow, circular, unfolding Tai Chi Chuan,
Ming-men leading the way, the spirit rises up to the Bai-hui,
From Yin-Yang, spiral-energy flows back toward lightness-of-light, and beyond,
That which is subtle and tiny[1] is the entrance to Truth, enabling the attainment of Completion in life.

精 (Body)    气 (Molecule)    神 (Spirit)    虚 (Emptiness)    道 (Truth)

Some Notes:
[1]The phrase `subtle and tiny`refers to the following specific process: Refine the energy from the Jing to Qi, from the Qi to Shen, from the Shen to Emptiness, from Emptiness towards the Truth.

Lesson Four – The One Principle (Tao) 抱一

To combine form and spirit as one, breathe jing into qi;
Be gentle, light, nimble and changeable, then fire and water will combine.[1]
If six consciousnesses usurp the Spirit[2]; then life enters death.[3]
The Lord of the mind is the spirit[4]; use the ladder to return to heaven.[5]
Jing, qi, shen and xu[6], gather and shoot in via the breakthrough-mechanism[7];
‘Song, jing, ding, hui’[8]: truly consider the micro world.
Correct the roots to purify one’s original source; then, from Wuji, Taiji emerges[9];
Return to one’s original, true self[10], from which all things grow and multiply without end.
The I Ching[11], heaven’s records, and the mantras[12] are to be kept firmly in the mind[13].

Some Notes:
[1]Fire and water represent yin and yang within the human body. When the fire and water channels (or centres) link up, front and back, they become Zhen Qi. ‘Shui huo ji ji’ means the small meridian system, so, the line can be interpreted to mean: ‘Be gentle, light, nimble and changeable, then the small meridian system will activate’. If the channels are linked, then that which is stale cannot accumulate or grow because water becomes qi and it starts to flow very fast.
[2]What is meant by this is when ‘there is an attempt to use a tool to replace the people who use the tool’, or when ‘the physical body tries to satisfy the mind’ (which is impossible because the body can never take charge of the mind). Nevertheless, humans frequently make this mistake. This is when knowledge starts to try and take over the life: the law of 3-dimensional space cannot take charge of the law of 4-dimensional space.
[3]When one has no roots, then how can one last? It can only lead to death.
[4]In this context, ‘xin’ stands for ‘awareness/spirit’ and ‘shen’ stands for ‘mind’. The spirit creates the mind; the spirit gives the mind energy, not vice versa. Rotational circulation itself, ning she and the True Mechanism are all the same thing. When the mind is turned towards the micro world, one is already starting to form the pathway of the True Mechanism. ‘Shen’ is when the mind is directed towards the physical world, towards linear velocity.
[5]When ‘xin’ is in charge, then one can return back to heaven (i.e. the Source) by using the ‘ladder’ – the micro-world pathway.
[6]‘Jing’ is defined as the ‘physical body’ or the ‘blood circulation’; ‘qi’ is defined as’the chemicals inside the blood’ or ‘the chemicals inside the whole body’; ‘shen’ in this case is defined as ‘mind’ or ‘quantum’ (because the mind is quantum-related); ‘xu’ is defined as ‘energy’ or ‘dark matter’. At each stage, when the volume increases to a certain point, then the quality of the substance changes.
[7]‘Ning she’ itself is the ‘True Mechanism of Taiji’. The way towards ‘ning she’ is to first understand the different dimensions of the law, i.e. to understand that different ‘space-times’ have different laws. By ‘law’, what is meant here is ‘the way’. The True Mechanism is holographic.
[8] ‘Song jing ding hui’ indicates the Taoist qigong training system, their way of letting energy become high-density.
‘Song’ indicates that one’s body should be focused inward, toward the micro world.
‘Jing’ indicates that everything is united. When the mind does not move, what is revealed then is what actually controls one’s body. ‘Jing’ also means ‘stillness’, ‘frozen together’, ‘gathering all together’, ‘high-density’. Serenity is that which will guide one toward that which is high-density. Let the mind become simple and focused toward the rotational circulation.
By ‘ding’, what is meant is to go from the ‘physical essence’ state (the ‘jing’ of ‘jing, qi, shen’) and try to connect to the centre of oneself. Use tranquillity. ‘Ding’ requires increase of perception, i.e. becoming able to stay with being unable to see things. Dark matter shows the frequency, the wave. One must know how to focus. By focusing on the little bit that gives one the signal, this is that which is ‘micro’. It is vital not to use the mind, to lead or direct the mind. Avoid using the mind to try to make the laws of dark matter function. Doing so would mean that the mind is trying to usurp the spirit again. (This is why it is not advisable for people to explain what the Buddha said: their level dictates the level of truth at which they speak. This can limit people from going to a higher understanding.) One simple way to succeed that is safe is ‘Wei Wu Wei’ (cf. chapter 63 of the Tao Te Ching). ‘Hui’ indicates the actual connection to Truth – enlightenment.
Use these four words, ‘Song jing ding hui’ to realize them. These four words also refer to the four energy circulations: ‘song’ – attain complete circulation of the blood to attain relaxed (not ‘soft’) states of body; ‘jing’ – accomplish not letting one’s mind influence one’s energy, i.e. not using the mind to interfere with the circulation of qi; ‘ding’ – assimilate with universal law; ‘hui’ – because of assimilation with the Universe’s character, then the Universe’s character will show its appearance.
[9] ‘Zheng is a verb meaning ‘to correct’, and ‘ben’ means ‘roots’. Therefore, where the source has already become deviated or impure, one can go to the higher dimension to correct the lower dimension, e.g. by going to the 4th dimension, one can correct the 3rd dimension.
Taiji comes from Wuji. The quality of the Taiji is determined by the quality of the Wuji. If the Wuji is not real, then the Taiji cannot emerge from real purity of space – a high dimension of space. By restoring or refining back to the original source, then Taiji can come from Wuji. Specifically, when one reaches the final roots and the ‘boiling’ starts, then the Taiji comes out. ‘Wuji, Taiji’ can be translated roughly as ‘from the Ultimateless, the Supreme Ultimate emerges’.
[10]Follow this procedure – this is the way!
[11] In English, the ‘I Ching’ is called the ‘Book of Changes’.

Lesson Five – Refine Vital Energy to engender Spirit 炼气化神

Physical essence and vital energy connect through the nine acupuncture points[1] and five centres,[2]
Awareness[3] gathers in the pineal body.[4]
On the Way, within the dark matter,[5] Existence-nothingness switch back and forth easily.
Vibrations penetrate through the three sources[6] to produce masters of Truth.[7]

Some Notes:
[1]9 acupuncture points: 气海 qi hai (within the conception vessel), hui yin (perineum), 尾闾 weilu (tailbone), 命门 mingmen (mid lower back on spine), 大椎 dazhui (within the governor vessel, just below the C7), 玉枕 yuzhen (jade pillow – back of the head just below the protuberance), 百会 baihui (top of the head), 印堂 yintang (forehead, just above/between the eyebrows), 膻中 danzhong (in the conception vessel, at the heart).
[2]5 centres = 5 ‘hearts’ – heart of the head, heart of the two hands, heart of the two feet.
[3]Awareness = shen yi
[4]Pineal body = niwan, third eye
[5]Dark matter = dark energy
[6]3 Sources = mingmen (source of the physical), dantian (source of the qi), niwan (source of the spiritual)
[7]Masters of Truth = zhen ren (True people)

Lesson Six – Gong 功

Gong is Truth manifesting from emptiness:
Natural and unrestrained, also swift and fierce.
Natural and unrestrained throughout the universe,
Swift and fierce, the vital energy is compelled towards bravery.
To pass through many dimensions of space,
Penetrate through the thousand layers inside each substance.
In a flash, gong is recalled back into spirit,
Emptiness and Truth return to be one.

Lesson Seven – Emptiness and Truth Are One 空真如一

The quantum is unlimited in how many times each unit can be split.
Layer upon layer is produced in each space.
That which arises from emptiness into form, the Buddha regards as the physical world.
Residing in the fleeting physical world casts a veil of illusion over oneself.
Within form, perceive emptiness,[1] meditate and apprehend the purity of Truth,
Within emptiness, perceive form,[2] this is the way to obtain Truth.
Truth, by means of emptiness, manifests emptiness-containing-Truth.
This is the way that True Masters exist.

Some Notes:
[1]Each higher dimension is the emptiness of its lower dimension, e.g. the 4th dimension is the emptiness of the 3rd dimension. Then, by going deeper, one can perceive another Truth.
[2]Each lower dimension is the attachment of its higher dimension, e.g. the 3rd dimension is the attachment of the 4th dimension. When viewed from a given higher dimension, all lower dimensions are perceived as form, e.g. if a physical sheath is added to the 4th dimension, then that sheath becomes the form – the attachment – of the 3rd dimension.

Lesson Eight – Subtle 微妙

Fine, sand-like particles can be split, broken down and pressurized into a diamond,
Penetration of emptiness enables one to see the quantum current.
No thoughts, no images, True Self appears,
If always focused on the physical world,[1] then Bodhidharma will be worried![2]

Some Notes:
[1]By the ‘physical world’, one is referring to the Buddhist description of the ‘seven emotions and six desires’.
[2]This is a witty reference to Bodhidharma, who attained enlightenment by transcending the physical world of ‘seven emotions and six desires’. In other words, if one is always turned towards the physical world, then one cannot truly train or cultivate.

Lesson Nine – Gather and Shoot In[1] 凝射

The skill of being relaxed[1] enables the heavenly circuit to move smoothly,
Spirit and vital energy gather and shoot inward to penetrate the pineal body.[2]
To indulge in emotions, sounds, and colours[3] scatters the soul,
Bring Truth to light by entering the centre and breaking through[4] each fantasy until one returns to final Truth.

Some Notes:
[1]’Ning She’ is the gathering and shooting inward to the centre, i.e. the rotational circulation. With such centripetal force, eventually an outward centrifugal force also results.
[2]This skill of relaxation includes zero manipulation or direction of the mind.
[3]Pineal body = niwan or third eye.
[4]’Emotions, sounds and colours’ indicate the physical world.
[5]This ‘po’ is the same as the ‘po’ in the poem entitled, “Po Ji”, meaning “Breakthrough Mechanism”.

Lesson Ten – The Mechanism of Truth[1] 真机

With rapt attention, enter the dantian.[2]
Shoot inward;[3] outwardly, heaven shines forth.
The Great Way contains the mechanism of Truth.
When this Truth[4] is accessed, it shakes and vibrates throughout one’s innermost being.

Some Notes:
[1]Truth = the character of the Universe
[2]Qi xue in traditional Chinese medicine is the acupuncture point called “Kidney meridian 13″, which is the entry-point to the dantian.
[3]In this case, ‘she’ refers to entering the centre, i.e. shooting inward with centripetal force, such that ‘heaven’ centrifugally ‘shines forth’.
[4]Truth, the character of the Universe, is that which Buddha nature is derived from.

Lesson Eleven – Mechanism of ‘How to Break Through’ 破机

The secret of the ‘breakthrough’ mechanism is to zoom in;
Speed and power come from that which is soft and unhurried.
Hold the body and mind still, in one position, until the turning point in time is reached,[1]
And one transforms into the true body.
The true masters[2] reside within the true space,[3]
Coming and going, without a trace, at the speed of light.
As when a cup is filled full of water, the water overflows,
When gong is powerful, energy shows its character.

Some Notes:
[1]This is where the character of the inherent energy is revealed.
[2]”Ru lai” is also translated as “Tathagata”.
[3]True space can also be called the energy world.

Lesson Twelve – Holographic Theory of the Universe 宇宙全息论

The holographic theory of True Origin,
is understood through the quantum turned inwards toward the Taiji.
The human body is a small universe,
Between the quantum and the physical body are the five elements and the vital energy.
Circulation without ceasing,
means centripetal and centrifugal movement without rest.
Gathering and sending out, first from the physical essence, next from the vital energy, then toward the spirit:
Shooting out: the whole galaxy is covered – reaching even Mt Sumeru.