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Workshops Taught by Master Simon Hu:


Theory with Training:


  • Zhen-Yuan Tai-Chi(The True Source of Tai-Chi)  真源太极

  • Xin-Yi Chuan

  • Northern Shao-Lin Kung-Fu


Standard Arrangement:

Normally, organizers will send Master Wu or Master Hu a formal invitation outlining the following items:

  • The total number of expected teaching hours and the subjects. Please note that minimum number of teaching hours per day is 3 hours; the maximum number is 6 hours. When you decide the total number of hours for instruction, Masters will create a teaching plan and schedule.
  • Teaching fee is US$250 per hour . Payments must be made in cashier’s check or money order when the workshop has been completed.
  • Travel expenses (airfare and lodging – hotel) will be provided by the organizers.

That is a standard arrangement, but we recognize that each of our organizers have their own special needs and requirements. We would be happy to discuss any elements of the contract in person or over the phone. If you have any questions at all, please call Master Helen Wu at 416-919-7652 (Cell) or call Master Simon Hu at 416-768-6554 (Cel).


Seminar by Master Simon Hu and Master Helen Wu